when you are a regular

rumput liar

When you’re a regular, people start to recognise you. And, they will ask “how have you been” when they haven’t seen you for a while.

In places I’ve ever been, people easily to recognise me. Let’s take an example in one of the hotels i (mostly) stay in Jakarta. Back five years ago, I stayed in a particular hotel for a couple of time. Then, I completely stopped because I “moved” to the US. The time I got back from the States, I stayed at this hotel again. Then, one of the receptionists started talking to me, and it’s been a while he did not see me.

Same with the grocery store, restaurant, vegetables supplier, or even the swimming pool I usually go. I know them. They know me.

When you are a regular, you start to pay attention to other regulars and start talking to them. And sometimes, you start to become buddy. I don’t know who this works. But this always happens to me. I remember years ago when I joined a gym, I started to have a gym buddy who will always exercise the same time with me. We supported each other. Same here with swimming these days. I have buddies. I started to take to the “initially” stranger to become buddy. We would swim together. Help each other practice. Share stories. And so on.

When you’re a regular, you start to become part of omebody else’s life.

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