when i think what i think about writing

delightful cupcakes

delightful cupcakes

Here’s the thing:

I’ve been trying to write something, trying to think really hard while looking at blinking monitor. I want to write something, and it’s been around 30 minutes and I did not come up with something. Ah, I really don’t know what to write.

I’ve been written several journal entries on my Moleskine diary – things that I can’t really share on this blog. Yeah, I still write things though.

But then, I’ve just decided to write things that crossed in my mind. Here you go…

I’ve just had a sencha green tea. Not that bad, although to be honest, I want to drink a really creamy hot chocolate and to eat warm croissant. Imagine, dipping a warm croissant in the hot chocolate or best in the warm chocolate sauce! Delicious. To tell you the truth, at this moment, it’s not croissant that I want to eat, but it’s madeleine cookies that I want to eat – dipping them into hot tea – like the way the French do.

Ah, maybe I can do it in the evening after I finish get my massage. I have problem with my calf muscle. I don’t know what it is exactly happens. It might be because of the exercises, or maybe because I was lifting things without I was conscious of doing so. Ah, poor me. I feel sometimes a little bit painful. But sometimes it does not feel anything.

Nah, I love that patisserie. I’ve gone there a lot lately. I went there twice last week. First, I went there by myself on Monday. I treated myself a really delicious cotton cheesecake. Then, I went there again on Thursday to get a piece of green tea (matcha) cake. Oh boy, they’re just delicious and made from the fresh ingredients. I don’t know why I craved too much sweets lately. I guess that my body needs something sweet, and something is really happening inside my body. Like, when I want to eat something a little bit spicy and salty, it indicates that my body is a little bit tired. Or, when my body is lacking vitamin C, I want to eat something really sour. Or, maybe, when I don’t want to eat something. But the good thing is, I crave much fruits lately. It’s the season the dragon fruit, avocado, mangoesteen, salak, and never ending banana and papaya.

Mike's Pastry, Boston, MA

Mike’s Pastry, Boston, MA

By the way, it rains almost every day. The soil gets really wet, and in some area, it floods. Yeah… rainy season. But the rain always makes me feel so gloomy. I don’t know why. The rain always makes me want to read Haruki Murakami’s “Norwegian Wood.” But too bad, I left the copy in my mom’s house in Tulungagung. Should I get a new copy??? I remember the time I bought that book. It was in Gramedia Tunjungan Plasa. I’d been wanting that for a long time. One thing that made me want to get the copy was the cover of the book – the Japanese flag. White, and a red circle in the middle.

I knew I was falling in love with that book, and soon after I got connected with the writing and the story. Norwegian Wood is not a happy novel. The opposite, it’s a little bit sad and surreal novel. But, I love reading it. Not only falling in love with the book, I fall in love with Haruki Murakami. I love his works. And my favorite one would be his autobiography “What I Think When I Think About Running.” I love that book.

PS: Today ended up with I ate a pound of mangoesteen and several pieces of salak (snake fruit).

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