what to eat for dinner


Padang Restaurant, it’s the best exercise to make an option 🙂

Hello there, how are you today? How’s your day?

So, here I’m, jotting down the options what to cook for dinner. Well, for somebody who lives alone, deciding what to eat is sometimes a problem. Imagine, the family of four when they decide what they want to eat…. :). I don’t usually get so confused about what to eat because I usually go with the easiest and the fastest. But not this time….

So, here are some option I had in my thought… Some options who are busy to get my attention:

  1. Chamchi Kimchi Jigae: a good friend of mine is so good at making kimchi. It tastes like if a Korean makes it. And she just gave me two kinds of kimchi: radish and chives kimchi. They’re so good. I have tuna (chamchi) in my fridge. I have stock in my fridge. I have leftover tofu. It’s all good. If I eat jigae, I usually want to eat rice. But cooking rice can be a little complicated as I don’t eat rice that much. I will for sure have  a left over (which actually I can make kimchi fried rice tomorrow, for sure with the same ingredient as the jigae). Or, actually, if I don’t want to cook rice, I can actually use butternut pumpkin which it happens I also have it. So, what’s the problem then?
  2. The second option, I can make kimchi kalguksu. With the same ingredient as above but I’ll sue noodle kalguksu instead of rice or butternut pumpkin.
  3. Another option is make avocado salad. I have the ingredients as well. I have avocado. I have smoked chicken. I have the tomatoes.
  4. Or, japchae! So, I have the japchae noodle. I have carrots. I have horenso (Japanese spinach). And I have kimchi that I can eat with. So, what’s the problem now?
  5. Or the simplest one, I can make steam eggs!

I still have no decision to make. I may take one of the options at the end, or I don’t choose any of them. I may end up with just making fried banana like last night. HAHAHAHA. But one thing for sure, I decided to make a cup of hot black tea for myself.


In life, sometimes it’s more difficult to make choices when you have too many options. Remember a while back I posted of a shampoo aisle in of the supermarkets in Surabaya. In one long aisle, IT WAS ALL SHAMPOO! Even a shampoo from one brand, it can have 10 options: this one is for dry skin, that one is for oily skin, another one is for dandruff problem, etc. This one is with mint scent. Another one with false daisy, etc. So, as a consumer, don’t you get so confused????!! Back then when I was a kid, most of shampoo brand only have one option! The more options the companies produce and offer, the more confused the consumers can get.

Back a few years ago I read a really good book “Nudge”, written by two economists. As human tends to make errors (not like an Economist), this book gives better recommendations in decision making, whether in health, finance, schools, marriages, or even in environment. I wish I could remember what were exactly written in book.


Maybe, I need to read “Nudge” again so I can make a better decision what to eat for dinner. 🙂


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