What I Learned from Living out of One Suitcase


You know it’s always be my struggle: SIMPLICITY. And this past experience made me think again, that we don’t need that much; as much as I (we) thought.

When I was two weeks  staying in the States, I only brought one suitcase. It was only 13 kg in weigh. It consisted of two pairs of long pants, two running shorts (off course the bright colour ones), a few shirts & t-shirts, another pair of shoes & sandal, and some emergency foods I brought a long with me as well as my beautiful swiss knife. That was  all.

At the second accommodation, I was so happy because I had a small kitchen with basic need: a refrigerator, oven-stove, basic utensils, and a small dutch pan. That was all.

It was all I needed. That was enough for the basic cooking. MORE THAN ENOUGH. I did not really need appliances like blender or rice cooker or food processor. Maybe, if the kitchen was equipped with more advanced appliances like Hurom Slow Juicer or Vitamix blender, I would be more than happy to have them in my room. But did I really need either Hurom nor Vitamix? I should have asked myself about it.

I thought for a while and came back with an answer. No, if the question would refer to “basic thing I need to live.” I would live only with refrigerator and stoves. That’s all I needed. I could do anything with stove. I could keep things in the refrigerator with all cool vegetables and fruits. Even if I did not have stove, well, I could still alive then. I had my knife and that way, I could chop things up. I could still eat. Imagine those people who’d lived before us in the caves – with no stove and refrigerator. There’s a funny and (I guess) it’s a funny thought from my lao tse. Once the told me… Only modern people require to eat three times a day. THREE TIMES A DAY!!!! Imagine if cave people (during the hunting & gathering people), would need to eat three times a day, they would only spend their times preparing food. Imagine, they still needed to hunt and gather the food. Well, they would only waste their times gathering food and hunting.

People at that time, only had something to eat when they’re really hungry. If they felt hungry in three days times, they would hunt and gather food. NOT THREE TIMES A DAY. Only modern people eat too much and too often. and bla bla bla he’d preach me about “eat when you really need it.” And I guess his teaching is true. Modern people eat too much (because we have so many “godaan” hehehehe.

And now about clothes. I did not really that much clothes. A few was enough. I washed them right away after I finished wearing them during the day. I hang them in the toilet. They would dry overnight (the humidity is different back home in Indonesia). And the key was, I brought some matches colours clothes. Well, but I think it did not really matter what we thought “matching colours.” All colours were matched. This really depends on what we think. All colours go well together. No matter what colours they are.

My recent trip to the US really reminded me that I really need to be simple and simpler. I need to clean more and more clutters I have in life. Ah, back home, I open my small wardrobe, there’s still too much of it. Now, it’s time to clean up again. Really. It needs to be done. And, most important thing, this experience really reminds me to my long term dream to live out of one suitcase (and move around the world). Ah….


PS: if one suitcase is just too big, maybe I could live with a small backpack, lol lol.

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