we do judge a book from its cover

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This maybe true, if we buy a book from judging its cover.

Back in my undergrad days years years ago, the only reason I bought Murakami’s “Norwegian Wood” is because of its cover. It was a white cover, with a big red dot in the middle! Because of that simple cover, it’s the first time I’ve been introduced to Murakami, and has become his fan since that day.

So, who wants to spend their dimes on the book with unconvinced cover? Let’s say, we don’t know the author, and the cover isn’t that nice and appealing… Aren’t we going to spend our money to buy that book? No, I don’t think so… Even, if we read the blurbs in the back of the cover… I don’t think we’re going to buy that book, no matter how good the book is.

So, let’s say, we finally decide to buy a book because we’re interested to its cover. When we get home, we’re unboxing the wrap, and start to read after that…. And, most of the time, the content of the book is not like what you’ve expected to be… It’s a book with not so good content, or sometimes, the content is pretty disappointing, or you don’t even understand why the author wrote that book in the first place. So, the options available now is to keep reading the book no matter how bad and boring the content is; just leave it somewhere and you never open it again; or just simply give it to someone else….

When we see and judge people in the first time, we would love to see someone nice, soft-spoken, polite, kind, etc; not someone who’s direct, or maybe rude. It’s pretty human. We like someone nice; not the other way around. Some people may have just the same as their impression. Some may have something hidden behind their beautiful smiles. Something that we’d never know, until it’s somehow unboxing one day….

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