we all want to look good and to impress people


One night, I was standing in front of mirror. Naked. I scrutinized every inch of my body. I still had the same tanned skin, a strong body, and I began having muscle tones from swimming. ‘Though in some parts, I still noticed hidden fat under my belly. (Who does not have fat belly anyway?). But that not much. Then, I started to scrutinize my face. My skin face was toned.

I’m pretty much healthy and in a good shape. And yeah, I might look younger for people in my age. Not that I’m thankful for that, but still, I have some fat to shed and graying hairs to fix.

We all want to look good. Physically. A picture perfect. It’s all bull-shit when people say, “I really don’t care how I look. I don’t even care if I get fatter and fatter” OK, I know some people who said so confidently. But, I could still be noticing some fears in their eyes. They’re afraid of gaining more and more weights, but they could not control anything in them – like exercising and eating healthier. They just could not change their habit. Admit it, deep in our heart, we still want our physical is just the same when we’re in our early twenties.

We all want to look good, and gorgeous.

For the pressure to look good, we began to put some heavy make-up, expensive skin care, dieting and exercising vigorously, and even putting expensive clothes on. We began the “victim” from all ads and avid consumers to all products. We don’t want to be left out for the new products. We all want always to be updated! Without realizing it, we began to be so excessive in almost all sectors in life.

We just want to look good (and impress people).

So, OK, let’s leave out the physical issues and think that it never matters to us.


If we don’t want to be seen as “great”, we all want to look smart. So, look at our reading lists, the posts we share on the social media, people we’re hanging out with, our topic of conversations, etc. We all want to look smart for sure. Or at least, we want to look even cooler.

We all want to impress people with our look or our intelligence. We don’t want to look bad at all. When we show our diet regime, we all want people think that “we live quite healthy”, no matter if we cheat so many times.

We want to impress people with our intelligence when people see us speak even if we make faults so many times in speaking.

Even if we don’t care about our physical and intelligence, we still want to do something good to others by helping the needy. But sometimes, the good deeds are shown. I don’t know, we all want to know if we do something good and helping others. Do we really need to show? I don’t know, maybe still want also to impress others as well. Ah, here we are: a good looking, intelligence, and kind creature called human. And, it’s easier for people these days to show everything in their lives; even a single tiny detail. I’m one of these humans. And, thinking about this, the more I realize how fragile we are.

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