Treat Yourself Well, Celebrate Your Life

“Put coconut oil in your hair, exercise, take hot showers, massage lotion into your skin, eat food that makes you feel good, stretch, lay around in bed, and listen to music that makes you feel happy. Just do you..” Unknown.


Here I am, sitting at my desk, enjoying my hot cocoa, and looking at my blinking screen. I have so two priority things to do today. But yeah, I need to take a break for a while and to write something light and entertaining, – like this post. 😀 😀 :D.

I’m enjoying hot cocoa as a way to treat myself. A way to celebrate my freedom. Just take a moment to forget what others and society demand me to do, and to follow all the (boring) rules. Please, just give me a break. I need some space to enjoy my free time and to treat myself well.

delicious hot cocoa

delicious hot cocoa

To be honest, I do all the things in the quote to treat myself. If I’m so tired, I shower with sea salt warm water. You know, I believe what Isaac Dinesen once said, “The cure of everything is sea water; sweats, tears, or the sea.” Since I could not find any sea water, I bathe with sea salt. Bathing with sea salt will refresh my day and gives me some more energy. A naturopathy once said if sea salt is also keeping you away from black magic. Well, believe it or not. :D. This might be true.

Anyway, besides bathing with sea salt, I also love to take myself to dine alone. A sassy dining. I don’t like dine alone, with friends are more favorable. But I sometimes I treat myself with three courses of meal. I know this is too much. But yes, I don’t do it too many. Maybe once in a blue moon we need to do this. I treat myself to travel since traveling will broaden my view of the world, and really, traveling teaches me lots of things.

Life is beautiful. We need to celebrate it.

Life is beautiful. We need to celebrate it.

Since I was a kid, I always believe that we can’t cling our happiness to someone else. We’re the one who responsible to create for ourselves. Because we’re the ones who know what we can and how we wanted to be treated. We also know how to value ourselves. I create and recreate stories that make me happy. I do things that make me happy. Does creating your own happiness sound so selfish? But yes, we have right to do that.

We have right to celebrate our life – with the way we want. With our own term. To be honest, I sometimes feel so tired just to listen to people who tell me what I should do, what I should behave, or waht should I have. Why would society have standard that makes ourselves not “our true-self”? One thing that make you soooooo tired of being a person who are not “you.” Well, we can’t make all the people happy, but at least, we can make ourselves happy.

We need to celebrate our lives with creating our own happiness. It’s okay to sound selfish. But we need it, happiness that we create. Life is beautiful. We need to celebrate it. And remember, we only live once! 😀

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