three reasons why i’m eating out

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hey there… it’s been cloudy all day. and yes, i’ve been home at day. i cancelled going to swimming pool at the very last minutes. and right now, i’m having what i call “the simplest guilty pleasure.” 🙂 i’m having my hot chocolate and taro bread cake i got from a store last time. it’s still good. ah, what’s better than that? staying at home, updating blog, watching missing (incomplete life), and having a little fun with great food. 🙂

so, gayatri’s piece on buzzfeed has gone viral, read by millions of people worldwide, and for sure got reacted. it’s all about urban poor – the people who become broke because of their lifestyle. ah, lifestyle… i had discussion with friend maybe five years ago… for urban people, what makes life expensive is not the fulfil the basic needs like (basic) foods, housing, clothing, etc. but it’s lifestyle. at that time we calculated how much money we would spend on the normal meals: not expensive. it’s around IDR 20,000/day. it’s quite decent at that time (it’s still ok these days though. it depends on how we spend it). what makes it expensive is the cost of hanging out in the coffee shops. it’s around IDR 50,000,- on a cup of a drink. if we want to add some more, lets say sandwich or just plain croissant, we would pay more. during that time, i did this kind of things a lot. i don’t know, maybe because i wanted to look cool – not because i wanted to be fitted in some kind of society. eh, i’d been always okay with hanging there with myself. but, i spent a lot for eating out. i ate out almost everyday. i did not cook much at that time either. i tried food here and there. well, it’s mere of an experience i think. it’s not like what gayatri’s said in her article. but, what gayatri’s wrote was generally true. that what happens.

and it’s true, one time time of eating out in a nice place is like spending money for my three or four days meal. seriously, i eat that cheap because i eat home cook foods all the time during the last six years. well, there are times when i eat out. it’s not because of lifestyle anymore. it’s because i need it. not to keep up with joneses or being fit in a community. but i need to get together with good friends. these days, i just go to grocery stores, get the best ingredients i can get, cook at home, and enjoy it. cant beat that feeling. surely, eating at home is still the cheapest thing. the price of the foods outside is pretty crazy – expensive – these days. ah, imagine, it would cost you around IDR 50,000,- to IDR 70,000,- just for an aglio olio spagetthi. hahaha. i know why it’s expensive. because they need to pay the rent, utilities, labours, etc. i cant blame them. but no thanks, i would rather to have my aglio olio at home. 🙂

i have three reasons why i eat out:

eating with friends. when eating with good friends, i really don’t care when we are eating. sometimes in a good place, sometimes is in a just so so place. getting together is the most important thing. but these days, if we get together, we would prefer to order meal, eat in one of us, watch movies, and talk a lot. gezelig. nothing beats that. nobody will kick out of your ass because you’re sitting too long or talking too loud. because it’s in your house!

when i want pampering myself. there are times when i want to do this. such as, after a hard working or tough time. i want to treat myself. eat good foods by myself. i used to love this. but not so much these days. but i still do that sometimes. during my grad school times, i usually would buy a pan of pizza and eat it by myself. ah, am i great? :).

when i’m traveling. sure, i need to eat. and it’s impossible to bring my rice cooker and blender around with me. i would definitely eat out. oh yeah… i have several preferences to eat when i’m out of town, depends on the city i’m going. but eating here and there is definitely one thing i would do when i’m traveling.

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