Things vs Experiences

We may have heard this over and over again: if spending money on experiences is more meaningful than spending money on things. When we’re spending money on on experiences like traveling or taking a cooking class, it’s more meaningful than spending money on a piece of cloth or a pair of new shoes.

Well, it’s indeed true on my case… (maybe, it’s not similar in yours).

what's better than "beaching" and reading?

what’s better than “beaching” and reading?

When we spend money on experiences, we will always remember – even the tiny detail – without time limit – as long as we live. It’s different with things. We even can forget if we own that “things.” When we buy something, we may use it – but just for a while – before another impulse drives you to get a new one. We then put our old things in the storage – never ever revisit it again (another clutter). Additionally, spending money on things will also consume energy and resources. Like we will need to allocate time to clean, store them, and it generate worries. If you have Jimmy Cho shoes, will you be wear them when you’re taking angkot during rainy season? Or will you be using your Hermes bag shopping in Wonokromo Market? Off course, you won’t!

Sometimes, during my contemplation stage, I look into my saving account and see how much I’ve spent for traveling and buying other experiences, I sometimes think, “What ifs I did not spend my money for traveling? Will I be able to get this and that? Will my saving grow? If it grows, what it is for? Will I be better off having more money but see nowhere? Or, I may have purchased a really nice car but I’ve never experienced flying to an exotic place?

with my Thai friend, Yui had som tum in Siam, BKK

with my Thai friend, Yui had som tum in Siam, BKK

I could not find the answer. Just a huge smile on my face. Well, in fact, I’m happy traveling here and there and spending money for it. Sometimes, when I spend money on thing – let’s say, buying a new pair of shoes, the guilt grew at the minutes I finished paying the price of a pair of new leather or running shoes. It’s the same thing with clothes. But, it never happens when I spend money on tickets, food, etc. You believe it or not, I still remember every single moment I had during traveling – well, not the whole thing lah.. but some highlights.

getting together with my roommate in Hua Hin

getting together with my roommate in Hua Hin

A sofa can be worn out in a few years

A car can break down

A new cloth will fade eventually

But not the memory; the experience; and the life we have.

I love what the French writer, Anais Nin once wrote, “Throw our dreams into space like a kite and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country…. ”

new friend, new love, new country

new friend, new love, new country

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