sunday evening

It’s Sunday evening, 19.28 when I started writing this post. It’s so hot. I have Jung Seung-hwan’s “Fine” is streaming from YouTube. I have took shower twice today, and I might have another one before I go to bed. So, what I’ve been doing during two days holiday? Yep, I stayed at home: cleaning, eating, cooking, sleeping, watching serial & variety. I tried to watch “Little House in the Forest” yesterday, and it turned out I’m loving it. I love the idea of simple life with yourself and trying to sustain by your own. Somehow it reminds me of the movie “Little Forest” both versions (Japanese and Korean). Watching Park Shin-hye and So Ji-sub living by their own in the forest, somehow brought me peace. You know me, I love that kind of living. To live in peace and serenity.

This weekend’s goal was resting and eating. I’d been having bad flu this week – from Sunday, and really recovered yesterday (Saturday) after I had enough sleep and rest. I’d supposed to rest for a few days, but I had several meetings to attend last week, so I couldn’t even get enough rest. So, this weekend, I couldn’t help but eat a lot. Really, I ate a lot and had different of foods each meal time. One of them is my epic noodle chicken soup. As you’ve known, I still had chicken stock and shredded chicken in the fridge, and all I need was to boil Korean wheat noodle – the one I usually use to make kalguksu. Oh man, it’s so delicious! Other dishes I had were sandwiches and tons of salad. And, I also made another stock – from meat – last night. Stock could be handy anytime we need it. As I’m someone who prefers eating boiling foods rather than deep fried, having stock in the fridge is always helpful. I could make it hot soup or cold soup like soba. But anything is fine.

Aside from having good meals, I also had tons of brewing tea. The one I’m using right now is Gryphon’s “pearl of the orient.” The smell is really good, and it tastes wonderful! I’m happy that these two days I’ve been able to enjoy good meal and drink good teas in peace!

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