Shall We Have a Cup of Coffee in Malacca?

So, on the first day of our arrival, the twin sister brought us to walk around Jonker St and showed us around, including all the coffee shops in Jonker. Jonker usually opens only on weekend. But as year-end was around the corner, many stores in the street were also opened! We’re surprised as well. We didn’t expect to see Jonker would be opened. The twin sister also didn’t expect it would open. So, we’re just lucky!

As we’re still so full with our magnificent dinner of rice chicken ball, fish, eggs, steam chicken, etc, we just agreed to hang around the Jonker and to find good coffee shop. One of the twin who lives in Malacca brought us to the first coffee shop which is called “13 States of Coffee.” The name of the shop signified 13 states in Malaysia, and it said in the menu book that the coffee are coming from 13 states (and additionally some coffees from Indonesia). The sisters and my friend had coffee, and I had matcha chocolate tea or something like that as I assumed it’s to late to have a cup of coffee.

Look what we had! and they weren’t bad at all. I don’t really remember who had what; but I did remember one of the sisters had the black coffee. Look picture below, that’s the matcha tea I had. Looked yum, he?

Then  the sisters told us, as we still had a few days left in Malacca, they suggested us to go to several coffee shop around Jonker. Well, that sounded really tempting! In addition to our plan to eat and walk a lot, we’re going to add drink coffee a lot in our plan.

The next day, “Stolen Cup” was our first destination coffee shop to try on. You know what, we fell in love in this cafe at the first glance! Actually, we didn’t intend to come here at the beginning. The coffee shop we’re supposed to find was “Daily Fix”, but we didn’t find it. Instead, we saw this coffee shop, and there we went inside. As my stomach had been upsetting since morning after had had that fish porridge, I had hot tea instead. It’s my one and favourite lavender early grey! My friend had “Ice Gula Malacca” or coffee with palm sugar. I tried several sips, and it’s sooo good. I’d thought to myself, I’d buy this one tomorrow! My friend was happy with her coffee, and I was happy as the tea really shooted me. Done with our coffee, we continued our wandering around Jonker.

Just the next day, I came back to try the “Ice Gula Malacca”, and I WAS SO HAPPY! Here, look how tempted it was! I used to love and was addicted to coffee, so I know what’s good and what’s not. The best thing about their coffee was it didn’t make my stomach gassy. So, these young baristas had done the coffee right.

In addition to second visit to “Stolen Cup”, we tried “The Daily Fix.” There was a long queue in the cafe. And the waitress told us to take the line, and we said that we needed to have the coffee to go. The place was full of customers. We saw that several people were standing on queue, and were waiting to be seated.

As we already had coffee in the morning, my friend wanted something the barista speciality; something that wasn’t acidic. Me? as usual, I asked the put the coffee a half of the portion. Well, to be honest, the coffee in the “Stolen Cup” is still much much better than one in the “Daily Fix”, I didn’t know why is the place so on hype. Maybe, because of it’s unique interior design. But it’s too shady and gloomy for me. Still, “Stolen Cup” is my first love. 🙂

Among three coffee shops we could visit in Malacca, “Stolen Cup” is our favourite. Also, we love the sign they put on the wall. Look here….

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