My Pancakefair

I love pancake. I don’t know why. I just love it. A friend asked me if it’s an American influence. I said, I don’t know. Maybe yes, maybe no. Pancake is in every culture. Pancake in America, panekuk in Netherland, doreyaki in Japan, or apem in Indonesia. 😀 :D. But the similarity, people usually have them for breakfast, or snacking if you have a conventional typical Asian’s belly where you have to eat rice as meal.

red rice pancake :)

red rice pancake 🙂

Well, I did not make or eat pancake a lot while I was in the States. I might only eat pancakes twice when I was there. One was at a Pancake Sunday in apartment club. A friend – Megan – provided free pancakes for everyone. And the second one was in South Carolina (SC) before we left the city. Katie’s dad took us for breakfast in a pancake house which I forgot the name of the restaurant. That was it.

I started to make pancake intensively about a year ago. I did not remember the trigger. Maybe it’s because when during a sleepover nights or brunches in Arlene’s house, we usually made pancake for breakfast. And thank you Reynaldo who always prepared and made the pancakes for all of us. We usually made the Dutch version which is called panekuk. The pancake is not thick, but think and wide – as wide as the pan we use. Unlike the regular American pancake which is usually thick and heavy.

Then I began exploring pancakes – with different ingredients. Not only different flours – like wheat, red/black rice, cassava, or buckwheat, I also experimenting with only using fruit or dried ingredients like banana or dried coconut. Not only the main ingredients, I also experimenting with all topping; from fresh fruits, jams, nuts, butter, or even honey. And my favorite one is mashed avocado with nut butter. That is delicious. Creamy and delicious.


with mango and walnut topping

with mango and walnut topping

And one of my favorite recipes is one that I got from Teona. When  I was visiting her in Yangon a while ago, we decided to make pancake after we got back from Hpa-an. Instead of using milk, she used yogurt. I’d once tried to use yogurt for my pancake because I’d wanted a savory pancake. But it had not had worked. It’d come with a nasty result. So I decided not to use the trial again. But, when I saw Teona used yogurt for pancake, I then changed my mind. :D. Because, changing milk into yogurt for pancake would give different result: the pancake will have a fluffy and smooth texture. And the taste is unique because I could still taste the savory from the yogurt.

The search has not ended here. I made experiment with other things off course. Well, I don’t have yogurt all the time with me. But I can suddenly the one who wants to eat pancake – anytime. For me pancake is not only for breakfast. But it can be menu for lunch or even dinner. I love pancake. I eat pancake in good and bad times. When I’m happy, I want to eat pancake. When I’m sad, pancake is the cure. So, what I was going to do is making pancake from only banana, eggs, and dried coconut. And Holy Moly, the result turned out so good (after several trials). The texture is still fluffy, but the taste is really creamy (from the dried coconut) and sweet (from the banana).

A friend may be right. Once she told other friend, that I always try to make pancake from everything.

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