My 100th Post: A Blast from the Past

I found it somewhere in my Document. This piece was written during my Grad School time. I think, this piece is unfinished. But who cares? LoL. Just consider, it’s just a blast from the past. 🙂


my love to Red

my love to Red

Every time I read women’s traveling stories, I always find sincerity in their writings. They were honest with their experiences, including those taboos like love affairs.  These women are not afraid to speak out their thoughts and experiences: good and bad. Me myself, still find it hard to say everything honestly. There’s still a barrier that is difficult to break: feeling reluctant to share the stories mixed with a thought “what would people think about it.” I’m not supposed to think about the damn things people would think and judge about me. Here I am: with good and bad. Sometimes, the reality speaks better than what I thought. I’m just too worried.

I don’t lie with my stories. I just did not disclose everything. The reason I don’t write in a complete manner is because it sometimes involved other people. Some people don’t like their stories become a public’s consumption. I could, however, say anonymously like saying, “my friend” or just use different names. Simple.

Maybe I could start with this one:

I confess, I take wine occasionally. I do love wine; red one especially. I store a bottle or two in my room. It helped me concentrate between the tight deadlines. Honestly, it made me felt so good, and my brain could work well. A glass for a night long.


I chose red over white at the restaurants. I don’t care what kind of foods I have, I love to combine them with red wine. I don’t give a damn about the table manner rules. Some waiters sometimes frown their forehead when I order fish and red wine. The reasons are simple: I don’t like (eat) red meat and I like the taste of red wine. So, a weird combination would always come to the table. Fish and red wine. I feel classic. Most of the red wines are dry, and taste like oak, but sometimes are fruity too – berry-tasted. Very few have sweet taste. The sweetest red wine I’ve ever tasted was “the Biltmore House” from the Biltmore Cellar, North Carolina. It tasted really good. I could still recall its sweetness and tanginess. We finished the bottle for two nights in Charleston: over my friend’s birthday cookout and last night there after had a big meal at an Indian Restaurant, Nirbel.


a legendary $1 Pizza

This is another one; happened in New York City. I was there for New Year’s Eve. NYC was one of the stops from my east coast pilgrimage. I arrived the night before, after spent more than 24 hours at Amtrak from Chicago.

It was December 31st, 2010. We’re out the whole day. The weather was not too cold for a winter. We failed to get a ticket to Liberty Island, so we walked aimlessly. But NYC was too crowded and dirty. Thousands of people spent the end-year in this city. Perhaps, I came in the wrong time – a week after a snow storm – the streets were still full of dirt and black water from the melting ice. It was not a good impression of Big Apple.


That night, we could not reach Time Square. The place had been closed since 4 pm. So, instead of spending hours in that place just to wait the ball drops, we decided to wander around the city – an aimless stroll. A few times I spotted, “$1 Pizza.” I neglected. But since I spotted in several other roads, I whispered to my friends, “Wanna give a try? It’s just $1.” To tell you the truth, we’re still full of eating sushi at around 10 pm. We did not need to eat after all. But they nodded and agreed, for curiosity. I remember what one of my college friends told me about trying foods: “Trying foods is all about experiences. You don’t have to like it. At least, you give a try, and experience it!” I do agree with her. Trying new food is such a wonderful experience.

after the ball dropped

after the ball dropped

Then we walked to the store. Some people where there, buying pizzas and sodas. The chef told us, that by adding some cents, we could get extra soda. We agreed. A few minutes later, we’re munching pizza and drinking sodas. I knew they’re unhealthy, but the pizza tasted really good! After I swallowed my last bite, I murmured, “Did you know what smoked-meat was it? In the pizza?” My friends fell into silence, “I have no idea…” Then I replied, “ Don’t you think, it’s pork?” LoL. We could not say anything. Just at the same day, during lunch, we had meals at China Town. We ordered “egg rolls.” Regarding its name, we thought that they’re made from “eggs” so we could eat them. Then, when we’re savoring the foods, I found something suspicious. It looked like “red meat.”  I suspended that it was pork. I told my friends about it. They said, “Better not to know and keep eating, or to know but we would stop eating.”  I called the waiter and ask him about it. “Yes, it’s pork.” Then I knew that egg rolls are usually made from pork – it’s not because of the name is “egg” is really made from eggs. LoL. This was funny. If you want to eat a free pork roll, just get veggie spring rolls. Then, being a flexible vegetarian, I found it easier to choose foods. Most restaurants have various vegetarian menus. I could still be a foodie even though no longer put red meat at the first place.

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