Like Finding a Beautiful Skirt


When I was in Yangon, I really did not want to purchase a thing. I only traveled with a small backpack, and it’s almost impossible to add anything new inside. And I wanted to keep it light. I hate carrying heavy things because it would slow down my mobility.

One night after we got back from Hpa-an, she asked me if I was sure not to purchase something nice. “I know a place which sells really nice things. I will give you the address… If you change your mind…” Then the next morning when I woke up, Teona had already been in Nay piy taw for business trip, she left the card in the coffee table. Olla Kroeber and a place name. That’s the name she recommended for me and her store.

After had a nice brunch of soup and smoothies at Sprout, I headed to Shwedagon Pagoda. Could not stand with the heat and the humidity, I left the pagoda in less than one hour. I decided to go to Olla’s store. I hailed a taxi outside the pagoda. The driver agreed to take me to Olla’s store for 30 kyat. This place is on the side of the town, he said. A little bit far from the temple actually.

It was not easy to find Olla’s store. The driver stopped and asked people for several times. He did not know nor ever heard the place yet. But he insisted to find the place. I was almost desperate if we would ever find the place. Well, if we still could not find the place, the best thing was to call Teona. When we reached the downtown, it was a whole a lot of chaos. There was a lot of construction going on. We’re stuck on the T-junction for quite a while. I asked the driver if the place was close. He said yes. I suddenly started to recognize the street. Yes, it’s closed to the jazz bar went on the Friday night, Gekko. I might be able to stop at Gekko for lunch, I thought. I eventually found the store. It’s next to a overcrowded restaurant called “Monsoon.” Later I decided to cancel the planning of having lunch in Gekko, and tried Monsoon instead.

downtwon's chaos

downtwon’s chaos

The store itself locates in the second story. It was quite small but nice. Once I got in, I saw many beautiful handy-crafted things crafted by Burmese ladies inside – from skirts, bags, earrings, necklaces, etc. And there in the hanger, I saw a pretty nice skirt swaying beautifully. A gorgeous skirt with bright colors: red, pink, green, purples, etc. All was bright color. My color. I looked at the skirt. It’s like just made it for me, and it’s just waiting for me. “It’s just the last piece we have. It’s your lucky day,” Olla’s mother said. Without a single hesitation I said, “Yes, I’ll take it…”  I knew, that skirt was made it for me. I felt ecstatic.

Taking the skirt of its hanger, I suddenly had a strange thought about life I’d been having. Every single thing in my life, looked like has been made it only for me, and would be granted for me at the right moment. Only for me. Just for me. Without any hesitation.

I smiled, yeah…  life is just really like finding a beautiful skirt at Olla’s place in Yangon.

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