let’s age gracefully


A while ago, a friend chatted with me on GTalk. After updating our recent lives – she recently returned from Australia while I’ve been stuck in this dear country for the last three years doing not so much meaningful things – , she suddenly threw a question with a hint of worry. “If we’re older someday, we’ll be still cool as Annie Lenox?” Giggled, I answered her question, “off course, we will…” I did not know why I was so confident to answer her question like that and redeemed her worries. But, deep in my heart, I really believe that I will be (still) cool when I am old – just like Annie Lenox. 🙂

So, this morning…. In the angkot on my way to work, I saw three middle-aged women sitting next and in-front of me. Looks like they’re friends and neighbors. They joked and laughed happily – talking about clothes, shopping, community events, etc. I saw they – off course – had wrinkles in their faces. Then, I remembered, you could “hide” your wrinkles in your face through cosmetics or plastic surgery, but you could not hide your wrinkles in your hands, hahahaha. (Because of this thing, a friend of mine always put lots of lotion in his hands by saying, “I remember what you’ve been saying…” His doing that to keep his hands from wrinkles, so people would think he’s still young). 🙂

Their happiness resonated to me. I giggled by myself. Off course, they did not see me since I was covering my face with mask. Then I thought to myself, it really does not matter how old we are (we will get old each day, and die eventually). The most important thing in life is you (or I or we), never lose our senses to be happy and to be surrounded with happy people. Happiness (and laugh) is contagious. And, do not forget to have fun! Because, we’re only LIVE ONCE!!! Even if it’s really hard to do that during our “thin” period, but yes, once again, we have to always remember that: WE ONLY LIVE ONCE, and it will be very miserable if we just waste our times to be sad all the time. 🙂

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