it’s really nothing

Hello there, good evening. How was your weekend? Did you have a lot of fun during the weekend? Well, I had some. I went to Korean restaurant yesterday to have samgetyang and cold noodle with a good friend of mine. Had  a really nice talk, and stopped by in Bon Ami to get some kroket on my home. I ate two krokets today, and I still have one on my fridge. I didn’t feel like cooking and eating today. So basically, I only made toast in the morning, and it was really a late breakfast anyways (10 am). I only had kroket at 2 pm, then another one at 6 pm. Today is so hot, and all I wanted is just drinking water. Well, I grabbed Raddler from the nearby convenient store, but I didn’t drink it, LoL (drinking what is so called 0% is the same as drinking soda with “a tastes like beer).

It’s 10 pm when I started my first letter. I’m streaming Son Sung-jae’s “Goodbye” from YouTube. I like his song. It’s so jazzy and his voice is so soft. Too bad, he did;t release his song that much. This piece is coming from “The Elegy of Rain.” There are several songs in this album. My other favourite is “Saranghanyago” or “You Love Me Not.”

I just realised that it’s been a while I don’t write anything. I don’t know, my brain is so blank right now. I used to think a lot, swear a lot, and write a lot. Now, it’s only “I swear a lot”, LoL. Nope, I just feel like I don’t have anything to share. Recently, I just scrolled down my notes on FB, just to get a small effort to copy them, and edit them if I have some times (no, I need to make time). I tried to write some drama reviews, but it only ended somewhere in the middle. I have several concept on my Drive; and have shared with my buddy several notes, and did edited some.

I feel like I still have some thoughts about my trip to Japan last time, but really, I no longer what to share and to write. But anyways, it started really so hot here in Surabaya. It’s good though. I can start riding my bike again. My favourite thing when riding my bike is when I can feel a breeze in my face. It feels so refreshing. Well, I still wish to live in a bike-friendly place where I can ride my bike anywhere.

During rainy season, I mostly left my bike at home. I really hate the fact that I had to bike when it’s raining. So, I usually walked in the morning from my house to the main road (about 2,5 KM), and I had to take ojek in the evening since it’s usually raining by the time I got off from my angkot. You know I hate riding ojek… But I had too.  I did’t want to get wet. Thankfully, it usually only rained when I got home. I really love rainy nights to be honest because it’s cooler during the nights. I could hear the rain dropped in my roof – sounds like a music from nowhere. During that time, it’s a perfect time to read, or just to listed some music from YouTube.

It’s 10.19 PM. I may need to end my note here. I still need to read something. 🙂 Annyeong. 🙂


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