is life simpler these days?

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This question really struck me one morning in a conversation with my aunty. She was cooking veggie soup, while I was washing some dishes. She asked me some suggestions to improve the taste of the soup. So, I suggested her to add pumpkin she bought the other day. “Would it be good?” She asked. A lot, I answered. I always love pumpkin. The sweetness and creamy taste would increase the soup in general. Then, her next question would be “Would it be enough time to peel and chop the pumpkin before the other veggies get really tender?” Yes. Sure. You could turn of the stove.

Cooking these days is simpler compared to years ago. Let’s say, 10 years ago. It was the time when gas stove had not been in everybody’s house like today. Only a few people had it. If we wanted to cook, we needed to prepare things in advance. We needed to peel and chop the veggies and spices. Then washed them out. We needed everything to be ready so that we could make fire. During that time, we cooked by using wood or gasoline (kerosene) stove. If you used wood, we needed to make fire first (in Javanese, we called it “cethik geni”). Once we’ve started to fire, all we needed to do is focusing on cooking the food. If we had not done with the prep, it’s gonna be difficult to cut the veggies while maintaining the flame.

We could not just cook at anytime. We needed a plan. In most family, we usually cooked for lunch and dinner at one time. Some families cooked as well from breakfast. But yes, usually we prepared at one time because we did not want to waste time to “make the fire.” It’s not an easy thing to do. When we started to have kerosene stove, things would get a little better since it’s easier to start the fire. We did not need to have a really dry wood.

Then, came the gas or LPG era. It’s a whole lot easier. Cooking is no longer nerve wrecking activity with all the prep. We could be still chopping veggies when we sautéed the garlic and onion. If these two get really caramelized, we could just turn down or off the heat. When the veggies are ready, we could turn it up or on again.

So, if cooking is a lot simpler and easier, does it happen to all areas of life?

cooking with wood

cooking with wood

Ah, it’s kinda hard to say. In some areas of life, yes, things get really easy. We have incridible options of things from clothes, foods, gadgets, etc. There are also tons of apps that could make our lives easier. But do they?

If life is simpler and easier, we certainly have more time to relax. But do we?

It’s kinda hard to see and (say), that most everybody has his/her smart phones and begin to attach to it. Seriously, attached!!! It will be really hard to find when people talk in a dining table at home or at the restaurants, they’re aware of their foods and surrounding. Everybody seems so busy with their phones (this inspired a photographer, Eric Pickersgill to do shots with removing cell-phones. The result is pretty sad though). Look, everybody seems so busy. We’re busy with the latest updates, news, gossips, etc. Anything!!! Feels like we don’t want to miss things out. We want to keep updated.

By looking at this, certainly our lives are no longer simpler. Also, by having hand-held, everybody could reach us anytime as long as we have our devices: works, clients, boss. But yes, now it’s true if we can work from anywhere around the globe – because of the tech. But yeah, don’t you think we need a tech Sabbatical leave? I would love to do that (and yes, swimming pool is the place for me).

And, I also found some memes in the net yesterday which describes our lives these days. Ah yeah, life might simpler, but we’re getting busier!

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