if only i took different paths

different path

Twelve years ago, I was standing in a top of the hill in Sekotong, southern part of Lombok island. From the place I was standing, I could see crystal sea water beneath me… The colour of the sea was blue and green. And, in the distance, I could see Bali. Up in the sky, I could see the blue and clear sky. I was mesmerised. Maybe, it’s the thing people say “the wow moment.”

Thinking about that moment, I always think about taking unknown paths in life. Well, when I was the higher place like at the top of the hill… I could see things in general – the sea beneath me, the island in the distance, blue sky up there…. (but sure, it’s only the general visualisation, not things in details).

It’s unlike making decision in the jungle. We’ll never know what face us. We only have a rough thought what we are you going to face: finding villages or going deeper in the forest. But we need to make decision anyways.

People’s lives is always being at the top of the hills, and in the jungles. Sometimes, you will have “visualisation” of decisions you’re going to take. But for details, you need to get down from the hill and see yourself what is in the sea… and what is the distance. But, if you’re in the jungle, you’ll never know. You need to always be ready to anything in your way.

Sometimes I think if I took different decisions in my life. For instance, if I’d decided to only “satisfied” being a high school graduate and did not go to college. I was wondering how my life would become. Or, if I had met a nice guy in my young age, and soon had got married. What if I’d made decision sold all of my belongings and went to travel the world? The thoughts made giggle all the times.

Well, I don’t regret things I’ve made in life. Or, I see grass is greener on the other sides. No. but, I sometimes think about me being at different shoes.

Making decision is not always easy. I saw a movie once. It’s called “Eye in the Sky.” The idea of the movie is simple: to shoot or not to shoot. The joint anti-terrorists squads: the Brit and the US is trying to catch their targeted terrorists in Nigeria. After eyeing, they decided to shoot. Alas, when the shooter jet was about to shoot the target, there’s a girl who is passing the street in front of the house which is going to be destroyed. That girl, Alia, lives the adjacent house. She’s selling bread the street near the house. This rises issues between the top leaders both countries. If they decide to shoot, the girl might be dead, and both countries would be blamed. It’s about the image of both countries. But if they don’t shoot, inside the house, there are two people who are ready to become “suicide bombers.” If they don’t shoot, they suicide bombers might be get out the house and blew the bombs in the crowds. Possibly more people would die. But both countries would never be blamed. “It’s just terrorist’s action…” After several decision making debates and efforts “to get the girl away” attempt, such as buying all her breads, are failed, and recalculate the collateral damages, they decide to shoot the target. Not once, but twice. The girl finally succumb (though she dies at the hospital).

The decision leaves the pilots and one of the ministers feel devastated. But well, that’s the price of the decision. No matter it takes, it’s decision baby.

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