If I were not Mindless

If I were not mindless, I would not eat TWO BOWLS of ramen noodles at one time – and action that made me nauseated and bloating the whole night. Or, putting some fried foods into my mouth that caused my throat really sore.

If I were not mindless, I would not buy a new pink backpack. Well, who need more backpacks when in fact I’ve already had several other backpacks.

If I were not mindless, I would not buy a new pairs of leather boot.

If I were not mindless, I would not just click “book” button on the airlines’ sites – without knowing I need to visit a place.

If I were not mindless, I would not purchase any kinds of “weird” ingredients that I don’t know how to cook them.

If I were not mindless, I would not buy books that I won’t read.

But, I always find excuses that I WAS NOT MINDLESS; that, I WAS MINDFULL enough to take that decision.


I ate two bowls of ramen noodles because I was too starving (I skipped lunch). One bowl was not enough. Hunger combined with mindless led me to binge eating. I should not have done that. Well, I might need only one bowl. ONE BOWL. I should have waited for another 20 minutes to see if I still needed another bowl. During eating the second round of the noodle, I felt that my stomach has started to bloat. But I needed to finish my second bowl. I HATE WASTE.


mindless eating at friend's birthday

mindless eating at friend’s birthday

I bought that pinky backpack because I’ve never seen any pink backpack (Oh, I love pinky stuffs) – most backpack colors are quite boring – black, blue, brown, and some other dead colors. I could not resist the temptation. And, it’s waterproof. So, I ended up purchasing that pinky backpack. No more excuses, heh?


Why should I buy that new leather boot? Ah, I could find thousands of excuses why I really needed to make that purchasing. That pairs looked cute, and I could wear them in any circumstances either for work or parties (Although in real life, I wear my running shoes most of the time. Running shoes are the most comfortable shoes ever). If I were mindful, I have enough shoes to wear in any situation. Who would care if in a party I wear running shoes?????


What about books? What’s wrong with buying books? I love books. Book is a source of knowledge. But, the only bad about it is I buy the new one before I actually finish the old ones. So, taking a year without buying a new/used single book challenge has become resolution on my birthday last year. Well, I need to finish them. Or, if I still won’t read the unwanted book, I just give to somebody else. Done. Problem solved.


Pacfase backpack: a need (plus a want), lol

Pacfase backpack: a need (plus a want), lol

If I were not mindless, I would not make any purchasing I DON’T NEED; any purchasing that would make my wallet cries. Mindless causes lots of waste of resources. The resources – let’s say, money, I can use it for other beneficial things to others, like giving more for charity. I can use my times to write or to read or clean rather than being at the mall and buying stuffs.


Learning to be mindful is not an easy task to do. I’ve started, I failed. I started over and over again. I knew I’ve failed in some points. But I need to start again.

  • Rather than regretting it, I started de-cluttering. Tossing things I (or somebody else) need/s. I gave away things. I start to feel good. Really, giving is still the best thing in life.
  • And, there’s another way to see if I still need a thing. Wait for another 24 hours. This happened when I purchased Macbook Air 11 inch. I’d been thought about pluses and minuses purchasing a new Macbook laptop. The only and most important reason about buying the new one is … I work mobile most of the time. I really need something very light. I’d replaced my Canon DSLR with Sony RX 100. It was worth it. I felt better when carrying smaller camera. One kilogram different from each laptop is a big thing to my tiny body. J
  • Don’t go to shopping center (unless you REALLY need to get something. Once you get what you need, just go home) or do some shopping online window shopping (in my case, this is more dangerous than going to the mall). If going to the mall, you will face the hassle of the mall, but this one is different. All you need is internet connection, going to the site, putting things into the basket (chart), paying, and taraaa.. done.. the stuff will be shipped into your door right away. Save time, save energy, but not your money. J J J
  • Don’t go to eating (or shopping) when you’re hungry. This will lead you to overeating and buying things that you may not need.
never regret this one. :)

never regret this one. 🙂

But to tell you the truth, the only thing I don’t regret from my mindless action is spending money on plane tickets. I never regret traveling. Traveling never fails to give me memories – good or bad. Traveling made me appreciate for who I am and for what I’ve got. Traveling can teach me a lot about life – how to be more grateful, appreciate more, and more open-minded.

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