I Want to Write Compassionately

glovesSometimes, I juggle around, and ask myself I should I write and “spam” either my Facebook account or my blog? The answer is simple. I love writing. And I’m happy to write. Writing is deliberating since I can spit it out what I have in my busy mind. I find out that writing is contemplating and retreating. In addition, I have a colorful life, and I want to share it with other. I always encounter weird and serendipitious stories. I have stories to tell and to pass on. I guess it’s like calling. Somehow, I think that it is my true mission why I was born: to tell a story.

Take for an example, when I just get back from a travel, my good friends or family never ask me “the souvenirs.” They always ask me, what interesting stories you have? What happened during the trip?

Speaking about passion, I have three big passions in life: my passion to write, my passion to travel, and my passion to food. It’s really hard which one is my best one. I love the three of them.

I always write here and there, no matters what the situation I have and where. I write everywhere.

At home.

At work during the break or when I have “researcher’s” blocked.

At the airport.

At the café.

At the park.

At the swimming pool.

At the library.

At the waiting room.

At the train. Everywhere.


I also write during my good and bad times.

When I’m happy, I write. Because, I wanna spread my happiness and happy feeling. Happiness is contagious. One’s happy feeling can infect other people by meeting in person or reading the stories.

When I’m sad, I also write something. It’s not I want the world to know that I’m sad. But I really need to spit out all grudges that I have. Writing is entertaining. It could lift my burden. Maybe, writing is like painting or dancing, it can be a good therapy.

When I write something, one thing I really want to have? Write compassionately – to write with all my heart and all abilities I have. I need to remind myself over and over again, writing is not only spitting out what I have in my busy mind, but I have to write things in purpose. I need to have purpose. And I always hope that those who read my notes will get benefit from it – no matter how small it is.

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