How to Make a Sinful but Perfect Cold Brewed Cacao

I had really a slow morning today. I woke up 5.30; quite late for me. I skipped exercise this morning. I did not cook either. I felt like I did not want do anything. But yeahhh.. I remembered, I had my precious in the fridge: COLD BREWED CACAO I prepared last night. So, it’s time to enjoy and to sip my precious.

I’d been experimenting with cold brewed cacao since last February; after Valentine Day to be exact. I’d been in love with cacao recently; and I have tried to make my own mixture of cacao powder or couverture chocolate (with milk or nut milks or coconut milk) to make the best one. But what I’d been doing was in finding the perfect recipes for hot chocolate – till I tasted cold brewed cacao for the best time during the Valentine Day.

Looks how frothy and thick it is... :D

Looks how frothy and thick it is… 😀

Since that day, I was inspired to make cold brewed cacao. After gathering some thoughts, I’d decided to make my first try with cacao powder and milk (I used Korte – a half-artisan chocolate). I mixed milk and cacao then steeped the mixture and let it sit in the fridge for 4-8 hours. I enjoyed it the next morning. Tasted really MEHHHHHH… I really wanted to throw that away. To save the taste, I tried to blend it in the hope that there would be magic, LOL. Who knew that the taste would get better. Ah, the same. Still horrible.  It tasted like the most horrible milk ever. Well, I’m not a big fan of cow’s milk. Always think that cow’s milk is a little bit disgusting. I only can take it when it’s warmed.

Next time I went to the café I had the cold brewed cacao, I asked the barista how to make it. He told me, boil the cacao powder with water. JUST WATER AND CACAO. NO MILK!!!  Let it boil, blend, let it sit in the fridge. So, I did it anyway, trying out the new way to make cold brewed cacao. It turned out… The result and taste was a little bit better, but it’s not like what I’d been expecting it to be. Taste OK, but not outstanding. So, I decided not to use this method. The cacao was not frothy.

I kept looking. I googled here and there. But I did find any clue of how to make a cold brewed cacao. Most of the links I got was over cold brewed coffee – which I definitely will not do since Id’ quit coffee. I saw some links over cold brewed cacao, but they were not like what I’d expected. They failed to get my attention.

So, two weeks ago, I went to a Basha market and met a guy who’s in cacao business for a while. Just call him J. But I forgot to ask him to how make it. Later, I decided to text him for some recipes. He asked me to drop me some email, which I did later. Then I got his reply. He gave me the recipe and the method. Like usual, I modified the recipe but I adopted the method.

This is how I made my precious:

  • I boiled the water, just simmer, till I got bulb (80 degrees Celcius). I boild 250 ml.
  • I put the water in the blender. Then I added four tablespoon of cacao powder. Here I used 2 tablespoon of Korte Aitken Matcha (because I was running out of the dark Jembrana one), and 2 tablespoon of Tru Ra dark cacao powder (I needed to use up my Tru Ra ASAP). Then I blended for 15 seconds. OMG, it’s so thick and frothy.
  • Then I let it cool, and transferred it into the airtight jar/container.
  • Let it sit in the fridge for 4-8 hours (in my case, it’s around 8 hours).


The result as you can imagine… It’s heavenly delicious my precious. Oh, Gosh, I’m so thankful with this. A friend once said, “Life is so blessed with Korte.” And I could not agree more. And I thank J for the recipes! I finally could break the code. Ah, no more cold brewed cacao in the cafe.

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