How Simple Happiness is

“I felt once more how simple and frugal a thing is happiness: a glass of wine, a roast chestnut, a wretched little brazier, the sound of the sea. Nothing else…” Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek.


Last Friday evening, I had a weird but simple thing want to have: eating French baguette with butter. So simple it was. I know, baguette is not the best food in the world. But that’s what only I wanted to have that evening. Unfortunately, I had no baguette at home. All I needed to do was getting the bread from bakery store. The closest one from my work place (and it always has), was Komugi in Papaya Supermarket. Too bad, it’s still raining – drizzling to be exact.

There were two ways to get to this supermarket. The easiest one was by taking taxi. But no, I did not feel like spending money on cab. Second is by taking bemo (public van). To get this van, I needed to get to Margorejo. At the end, I took the second option where I needed to get bemo JTK from Margorejo. So, I needed to walk under the drizzling to Margorejo. Oh, I forgot how deliberating walking under the rain/drizzle was. I walked slowly – as slowly as I could. But it was not that bad. I had my yellow Blues’ cap and my backpack was waterproof (thank for Pacsafe for a good product). I walked and walked, then needed to wait for 15 minutes for bemo to arrive.

how simple rain is...

how simple rain is… – Biltmore House, Ashville, NC

Something I find it a little bit weird for myself, when I really do not mind to walk miles for things that I want. When I was living in St. Louis, I never minded to walk to Whole Foods market, even during the bad season. Whole Foods market made me so happy.

Fast forward, I got my French baguette, brought it home – still drizzling and bad traffic jam, and toasted it and ate it with butter. So simple it was. I really could not help with the smell. It smelled so good – like I never smelled a toasted French baguette before.

a simple toasted bread with cheese in Padaria Brasao, Dili.

a simple toasted bread with cheese in Padaria Brasao, Dili.

I must second Nikos Kazantzakis that happiness is simple. Yeah, quite simple. Simple thing. Simple moment.

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