how hollywood shapes the way we think about america


I got the idea of writing this thing on the elevator from the lobby to the 8th floor. Initially, I had other ideas to write. But well, usually, a sudden idea wins over other ideas…

So, on the elevator, I was thinking about things I’m gonna write to a friend who lives thousands of miles apart. Then, I suddenly had a thought, why don’t I just I write it down in my blog post. I’d had this idea from a long time ago.

Admit it or know, the way we think about the US is heavily influenced by the US. During my high school, I always think to live like those characters on Friends’ the serial. It would be very great to share a room with your friends, and we’d live nearby from other friends. At that time, I developed a strange and excite feeling about New York. New York must be a fun place to live!

Then… other thing… Because of Hollywood, I had a thought that most people in America raised by single mother who lives estranged with the whole big family. Most people were born in a small family – as an only child or just have one brother or sister. And it’s not all true.


Coming and living in St. Louis had changed that thought. I was at first very surprised to find out that one of my classmates has six siblings!!! What, six??? Even in Indonesia these days, it’s pretty hard to know a person in my generation who has six siblings! Hahaha. I then related that St. Louis (and Missouri) is a very Catholic place. Maybe, it’s gonna be different when we travel to East Coast like NYC, Boston, or Washington DC. Maybe, people would have smaller family and siblings.

One more thing how Hollywood has “shaped” our thought is about FBI and police investigation. To be honest, what we think about FBI is just like what is shown in Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS, and other serials. Those agents – are tired-less people who always catch bad guys and scumbags. When I finally met an FBI guy, I asked him “Do you really do what is shown on TV?”

“No, off-course not. We work (in his section) mostly in our office, in front of the screen. We’ll have operation. But it’s not as often as it’s shown on the TV,” he answered with a smile. He then added, because of Hollywood has shown, there are thousands of people applied to the FBI Academy. Ah, that’s one of the benefits from Hollywood.


Looking back at this stuff, I’ve just started thinking… Our mind is a space that is easily to be influenced by things from the external – good or bad. As we get influenced, it will form the way think about something. And, ah… have a good Monday. I hope you an awesome week!

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