Hello, Good Morning

Hello, Good Morning…..

It’s 5.35 in the morning, and here I am, jotting down my thought while listening to Michael Frank’s “Sunday Morning with You” and drinking my Java Oolong. Things are just great for me. Last night, I just had a strange dream of going to a tea house called “Samovar.” Well, “Samovar” is a real tea house in San Francisco. Just had a thought, I may want to run a tea house someday. JUST ALL KINDS OF GOOD TEAS FROM AROUND THE WORLD.

I used to listen to “Sunday Morning with You” a lot while living in Kedung Tarukan, maybe the same amount I was reading Murakami’s “Norwegian Wood.” That song always gives me a feeling of a bright Sunday morning. Back years ago during Sunday morning, I had a strange habit to do. I’d woke up late, had snack, and read my Sunday paper till midday. Got to do a shower and slept till noon. Or, most of the time, I’ll be going out somewhere seeing friends and had some fun.

But these days, my Sunday or weekend in particular is just so simple. I’ll just stay at home if I don’t have any plans to sleepover in a friend’s house. Then, I’ll watch drama the whole day. See, how much difference a person can do in a few years span. When we’re younger, we’d like to do things out a lot. And, when we’re older, we’re just like to just stay at home. Sometimes, we’re just too tired of being in a social life from Monday to Friday. All you want on your weekend is just a ME TIME by being a quiet. Years ago, I used to get really mad to my Dad when he did his “quiet” action for a whole day. He didn’t talk even we asked him several questions. His answers were by giving a nod for a “YES” or a head shake for a “NO.” Now, I began to understand what my Dad did years ago. I’m the same as my Dad these days. WE JUST WANT TO STAY QUIET AND DON’T TALK AT ALL.

My Guru once told me about a monastery in Lawang, Malang. It has a certain period that people can join the NO TALK action or SILENCE one. People in the area understand what these people are doing. So, the disciplines just don’t talk.

I really to began to understand the premise of a Korean drama, “Drinking Solo.” This drama signifies the needs for every person in the world of a time alone. Because sometimes it’s just too tired to live to what people want us to do. Though in my case, I no longer care what people would expect me to do or things to happen from me; but sometimes, putting your poker face is also tiring. So, by the end of the day, all I want is just being quiet and do things I really like; even though it’s only watching my favourite drama or just read a novel. What we want most of the time is not something grand. Just something simple. But even, not everybody can get it!

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