god’s of small thing: guksu


So, I woke up feeling like shit this morning! 🙁 I woke up in the middle of the night, hungry, and unable to go back to sleep right away.

So, in that case, I need a filling breakfast. I need a breakfast that can comfort me. Yes, my choice would be aglio oilio pasta or guksu. I had pasta a few days ago… oh, nope, yesterday afternoon…. So, guksu is the best option for me. And my later favourite is bim bim guksu. Because it’s easy. I don’t need to prepare a broth ahead. I’m good if I have gojukaru and gojuchang. Mixed mixed mixed. Put tons of spring onions, cucumber, and sesame seeds. One bowl of bimbim guksu was ready to eat. I ate it to the heart content.

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