“Getting Lost” in Berlin

I was so lucky to be staying in Sarmina’s house. Her house is JUST at the downtown of Berlin! It’s only 15 minutes metro ride from Berlin Central Station (HBH). It’s only a few minutes walk from Berlin Wall and Museum. There are two metro stations with different direction. Next to her apartment, there’s a Mexican Restaurant. Just across the street, there’s a Turkish restaurant, and next to it is a small grocery store that sells fresh produce. If I wanna some bread, there’s a small coffee shop on the corner of the street.

the view from Sarmina’s apartment

I met Sarmina only once in Surabaya through a friend of mine. My friend asked me a favour to accompany them for dinner. During the dinner I told her that I’d had tickets to Europe but I’d been ¬†unsure where I’d wanted to go. You know, things could be changed. She just told me, “If you happen to visit ¬†Berlin, let me know. Let’s grab some coffee!” So, when Berlin was on the list of the trip, I sent her an email to ask some suggestions where’s the best area to stay in Berlin. She then replied, “Why don’t you accept my invitation to stay in my house!” But too bad, she wouldn’t be in Berlin the time I’d be visiting. “Don’t worry, we can arrange the key. And you can enjoy the house by yourself!.” Then, there’s Christina – Sarmina’s baby sitter and neighbour – who gave me the key.

the view at down

So, that’s a short story how I ended up in Sarmina’s place where the owner was not around. It’s during my stay in Lily’s room (Sarmina’s daughter) that I slept 10 hours straight and overcame my jet lag. HAHAHAHAHA. Thanks to Sarmina and Christina, I had the best sleep during my Europe trip.

Although I had 72 hours metro train and bus ride pass, I decided to walk to Berlin Wall and Museum. The day was pretty nice that day. It’s Sunday. And more importantly, both of the attractions were just in a walking distance. It would be great if I walked because I’d see a lot compared when riding a metro train or bus.

hot cocoa and madeleine cookies

Suddenly I saw a crowd! And it was a SUNDAY MARKET!!!! Without a doubt, I walked happily to see what’s was inside. It’s not a big secret if I love market place, especially Sunday Market. Everything is usually in THERE! Anything you need! Market place is a place where you’ll know at glance how the local people live: how they interact, what they eat, etc. Market place will also show a culture you’re visiting. And I was right. I saw everything from foods, second-hand things, souvenirs, any kind of beauty products, etc. As predicted, I spent more than two hours in the market to see “this” and “that” and had enough foods I could try from hot chocolate to madeleine cookies. They’re so good.

Enough with the market, I continued my Sunday walk to Wall and the Museum. But in front of the market place, I saw a young man did a traditional music performance with Aboriginal music instruments. I stranded there for a few minutes then walked directly to the museum.

Finished with the museum, I didn’t really know where to go. I just walked here and there, then found my way to Alexanderplatz. And I didn’t have any ideas why I ended up in Brandenburg Gate. By the end of the day, I found my feet hurt (and they’re indeed because I wore wrong shoes) and I decided to go home. I need to figure out how to get to Berlin bus station (ZOB). I figured out, it’s not somewhere around HBH, but it’s somewhere out of the town. And because I didn’t have internet connection, I need to find a place which gave me a free wifi!


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