Excelso & Simple Dream of a Poor College Student

It was in the time when Starbucks only had one store in Galaxy Mall, while Excelso has already had several stores in Surabaya, such as in Tunjungan Plaza and Delta Plaza. I was still at my first year of college at that time, and surely a poor student. I only had IDR 150,000,- (around $13) monthly allowance at that time to cover all my expenses from boarding house to foods. I know, it was a meager allowance, but all I wanted at that time was going to school. The only thing I felt sorry was that there were several discussions attended by famous people at that time, which were held in Excelso. I really wanted to come, but how could I afford coming to Excelso (which meant it’s also eating and drinking coffee, right?!). So I decided not to come regardless I was very interested in discussion.

After that, whenever I happened to go to the mall with friends, I always to look at Excelso. I wanted to come, but I had no money. I couldn’t afford it. Going there for once would blow all my allowance. Deep in my heart, I’d wish, “If I work and earn some money, I’d go to Excelso every weekend…..”

When I started earning money, I made my dream CAME TRUE!!! Yep, I was a regular in Excelso Delta Plaza. I didn’t really recall how many times I went there in each month. But it was very often. I love to meet my friends there. Even I went there myself regularly as I also went to the nearby gym. As a regular, I often left my belonging there with the waiters/waitresses. They knew my friends and I so well. I stopped going there in 2010 because I went to the US. Excelso coffee was among my precious things I brought to the States. Since Excelso was too precious, I only drank it in only special occasions. When some friends would come to the US, if they asked me what I needed, I always said, “Excelso, pleaseeee….” The moment I ran out of Excelso, I was happy enough to drink Najjar Coffee from Lebanon. It was great…

When I came back from the States, I quit drinking coffee. And I started to drink again sometime in 2017 occasionally and I no longer found Excelso was great… L I don’t why… Maybe because there are several locally coffee shops which offered me more artisan coffee, I don’t know. Even these days, there’s an Excelso shop just 200 meter from my office, and I went there only once. I went there because I needed to have a meeting with a friend. That’s all. Good old days of Excelso has passed. I may have forgotten my simple dream to drink coffee from that shop. Maybe, it’s too pricey for me… I’d prefer to buy good coffee, and make it at home. I can also make a better sandwiches and spagetti. And they’re cheaper. Ah, maybe I turned into a stingy lady with a pricky taste, LoL.

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