Dili Magicka!

I could not believe I finally fly to Dili, for my best friend wedding! I’d kept postponing visiting Dili since 10 years before. Well, I kept telling Bebe that I’d visit her in Dili, her hometown where her beautiful mother, Ana, plants various herbs in her garden. I wanted to really see what she’d been telling me about “beach is a walking distance from my home… “Oh, so tempting isn’t it?

So, when Bebe visited on August 2013, she told me that she and Migui were getting married. It’s a pretty good news to me. She and Migui had been in on and off relationship for more than 15 years. Migui was Bebe’s love of life, and so is Bebe to Migui. So, I told her that I’d coming to Dili for her big day. She asked me to be one of the bridesmaids.

Oh, so excited!

The plan just sounded like a plan till I bought the tickets on March or April. Then, the plan became so real.


Villa Verde Cathedral where Bebe and Migui changed a vow

Villa Verde Cathedral where Bebe and Migui changed a vow

The Wedding

I’ve never been to a Timorese wedding before. So, I had no idea how’s gonna be like. All I’ve attended were weddings in Indonesia. To tell you the truth, wedding party in Indonesia is quite boring. You come to the venue, shake the bride and the groom and the parents, give the money, eat the food, chat with people that you encounter in the party, then go home. It does never take too long to attend it. Boring. Hahahaha.

I was curious about Bebe’s wedding. Seriously. I’ve seen her wedding plan. It’s all so details. She even had a theme for the wedding; GREEN.

So, let’s jump on the wedding day.

To me, Bebe was the coolest bride ever. She’s doing errand while taking care of her bridesmaids. Seriously, the bridesmaids supposed to help her to prepare the wedding, but she told us – Tika, Teona, Yoko, and me – to enjoy Area Brance instead of helping her with the wedding stuffs. “My family and Migui’s are preparing it. You girls have fun!”

bridesmaid took a selfie.. :)

bridesmaid took a selfie.. 🙂

And, the most unforgettable thing happened in her wedding day. I could not help myself not to smile and feel that she’s the coolest bride ever.. SHE PICKED HER BRIDESMAIDS UP FROM THE APARTMENT. Well, she’s supposed to do her hair and make-up. But she appeared to the apartment. “Gosh, we could not reach the person who supposed to pick you up. Come on, let’s go. But my car is in kind of mess… “. So, here it is… The bridesmaids – with our green dresses, a little bit make up, and hair do, were driven by the bride who’s still with no make-up and hair do.

helping the brides with the dress

helping the brides with the dress


Walking in the church

Walking in the church

And…. Her wedding vow was the most beautiful ceremony I’ve ever been. It got goosebumps. I almost dropped my tears… J The ceremony was in Tetum, but I felt like I understood what the Father said.

Once we finished the ceremony at Villa Verde Cathedral, we headed to Tasi Tolu where we had a wedding photo shots, then when straight to Terra Santa for the wedding reception and party.

our favorite shoot

our favorite shoot

Since I’ve never been to a Timorese wedding party, I asked people how long the party would last. They said, till drop. “What did you mean?” Till morning, they said. Whaaaaaattttt????

That turned out to be right…

At 2 am, people kept dancing and drinking. The music was hotter and hotter. More music. More booze. Everybody dance more and more. They might be so drunk. Oh Gosh, I was so sleepy, and I could not held my head upright. It’s time to find a place to sleep. That’s gonna be TOILET!!!

3.30, Teo, Yoko, and me left the party. Sica took us to the apartment, while Tika was still dancing. She did not want to leave the party.


Getting Around in Dili

Dili is small town. So, it’s pretty easy to getting around. You can take taxi or public van (in Indonesia known as angkutan kota/angkot). In my opinion, Dili is actually bikeable city, since it’s pretty small and the view is stunning – the sea view. But you have to note, that taxi does not run in the evening. So, it’s a little bit difficult to get taxi in the evening.

To tell you the truth, if you love jogging or running, please do. Run along the Dili beach in the morning, I believe you’ll see a beautiful sunrise there.  You can see the sunrise around 6 am.


Everybody Knows Everybody

Since Dili is a small city, everybody knows everybody. We – Yoko, Teo, and me – were getting brunch at Gloria Jeans in Timor Plaza. Then a guy approached us and asked if he could sit with us. Then, he said, “Hey, I was at the wedding too… I’m Nel, and I’m Migui’s second cousin… “ Paused. Then he looked at me, “And you must be the drunk bridesmaid who slept at the toilet…” We burst into loud laugh. Oh yeah, almost everybody at wedding party heard the rumor about “a drunk bridesmaid who slept at the toilet.”

Nadia, Bebe’s little sissy told us. It’s pretty much difficult to have an affair in Dili. Everybody keeps an eye on everybody.

And, everybody is everybody’s sister, cousin, etc etc. It sounds like Dili is one big family.

this is hilarious.

this is hilarious.



As I’ve written in the previous post, Dili’s food was so much like Mediterranean food. The price would range from $7-$11 for entrée. And the main course range from $12 to $26. This depends what restaurant you’re going.



Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Dili. The water is still clean. If you want to own the beach for your own, go Area Branca during the weekdays. You’ll see nobody there. If you go there during the weekend, the beach will pack with full of people. Area Branca is also closed to the Jesus the King Statue (Cristo Rei).


Other Attractions

Besides Area Branca and Cristo Rei, you may check Tasi Tolu in the western part of the city. Also, if you want to find Dili’s handy craft, go to Tais Market.

Dili Tais Market

Dili Tais Market



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      It’s always be my honour to be at your wedding and be one of the bridesmaids. :). I always remember vividly what happened in Dili, and that makes me smile. 🙂

      Thank you for having us in Dili.

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