December Challenge: A Hundred for a Week

I set up “a year without buying a single new book” challenge for November. So, this means, till November next year, I CAN’T and WON’T buy a new book! And, the challenge looks running so well. I haven’t tempted to buy a single new book for a month. It may I was busy with the Otonomi Awards preparation so I did not have time to check out bookstore. And, I did not go on business trip which required me to check out new books at Periplus.

Yeah… let’s see.

Two days ago, I was thinking like, “Man, what I need to do in December? What kind of challenge I can set up?” And, suddenly this crossed on my mind: “ A Hundred (Thousand Rupiah) for a Week.” This means, that I will only spend maximum IDR 100 thousand for buying fresh produce. Well, this is what’s happening: by the end of last year, I challenge myself to record every penny I spend to control my expenses. It ran well for at least five months. My cash-flow was under control and I knew where the money spent. I did this because I was bad with managing money. So, by recording and tracking it, I knew exactly how I spent it. But yeah, then May came, and my program started not running so well. I travelled here and there starting May. Then, I could not able to track down my expenses.

Hello There.... :)

Hello There…. 🙂

To be honest, how I spend money on food is quite wise. I eat pretty simple everyday and I know where to buy good quality of organic vegetable with really a good price/cheap because I buy from the farmers.

In a day, I usually eat only two kind of meal, like rice and mixed veggie stir fry (I usually add tofu or eggs). Or, I will eat bread with veggie spread/pesto with eggs. Or, I will usually eat bean/miso soup, or curried mixed veggie. That’s all. I don’t cook like Indonesian usually cooks – big meal, more than one menu per day. What I eat for breakfast and lunch is usually the same menu. If I eat azuki bean soup in the morning, I will eat that soup for lunch, and maybe also for dinner. I don’t cook sometimes: because I eat raw veggies. And sometimes, I only steam eggs, beets, or pumpkin. That’s all. I eat pretty simple, and without hustle.

I chopped and mixed everything. This tasted so GOOD.

I chopped and mixed everything. This tasted so GOOD.

I don’t eat out a lot. I eat out less than four times a month (excluding if I’m away on business trip). I eat out if I have companion, if not, why would I eat out? It’s expensive  (read: overpriced) and the food is not always good (I can cook better).

tofu and veggies curry.

tofu and veggies curry.

But I really do not know how much I spend. In addition, I’m a little bit addicted on buying dried food ingredients to feed my curiosity on how certain food ingredient tastes and how can I make it to be something else).

But, I’m still curious how I spend my money. So, I’ve made this challenge.

Here are the rules:

  • This challenge will not work during business trip out of town. There’s no way I will be able to buy fresh ingredient and cook. Well, we’ll try then. But I will be eating out definitely.
  • This rule will only work for fresh produce like vegetables, fruits, eggs, and tofu. For dried ingredients, I don’t think I will buy them in the meantime because I have too much, lol. So, this time to eat them one by one. If I need to buy one of the dry ingredient, I will limit for IDR 300 thousand/a month maximum.
  • To keep this challenge accountable, I will post the progress every week: how much I spend on fresh produce and dry ingredients.
  • This challenge will be effective since December 1st, 2014.
  • Wish me LUCK! 🙂

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