Curbing Myself from Another Addiction

a cup of hot chocolate in Washington DC

a cup of hot chocolate in Washington DC

I got addicted to things easily. I used to be addicted to coffee. I quit drinking coffee. And now, I sense myself started to get addicted to hot chocolate and dark chocolate. I found chocolate is similar to coffee. Bitter. And delightful. I don’t know if I never be a “tea person.” Well, I drink tea too… Green tea and herbal tea. But it’s never ever that I really want a cup of green tea. I drink tea because I need to limit myself from having a cup of hot chocolate.

I can ensure myself that I can make a really good cup of hot chocolate. Either I use a really good dark chocolate coverture or I use a really good cocoa powder like Korte. Ah talking about Korte, I guess it’s the best cocoa powder I’ve ever known. I should thank Jeffrey for making a really good cocoa powder.

I always bring Korte to almost places I went. I brought it to Yangon. I brought it to Washington DC – like I never found a good cocoa powder in Washington DC. But yes, indeed, I did not find it. I challenged people to taste Korte and they said, “It’s really good!” Hahahaha.

I have simple and great recipe for hot chocolate. It’s not just you’re warming milk. It’s more than that. Blend it! You’ll find a really great taste of hot chocolate. Or if you use coverture, you can let the mix sit until it’s cold, then reheat it. And Lord… It’s delicious. All the flavours are combined. The milk. The chocolate. The vanilla extract. Everything. I guarantee you, you will get addicted like me. Maybe I should have known, this is what made me addicted, because it’s sooooooo GOOD.

Because I started to get addicted, I curb myself my making hot chocolate on a special occasion. Such as, I make it during the weekend when I’m going to the swimming pool. Ah, you can imagine how good it is, enjoying a hot chocolate in the swimming pool. I always love that. I always mix with ginger and lemongrass tea schedule. My lemongrass and ginger tea is also good. Oh boy, I can make a really good drink for sure.

I also bring hot chocolate while I’m traveling. I love to enjoy it during the flight. It’s so good to drink hot chocolate up in the air. I feel like I’m flying to a beautiful place (ah lebay). hahaha. I just found a great solace. That’s it. I feel peace inside myself.

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