confession of a drama addict

Everybody has a secret. And, so do I. It’s been a while I’ve been hiding my “dark” secret because I feel so embarrassed. But then, I decided to make a confession. I think everybody knows already. But all I need to share is “the journey” I’ve been having through these times. :). My addiction might be a karma. Didn’t I tell you that I used to laugh at my swimming coach who’s a drama addict? Or, I laughed at friend’s working next door who used to come to work with bawling or blacken eyes? To be honest, I used to look down at people who watch drama (PS: don’t look at down at me know, because you may end watching drama, just like me… :).

I didn’t really know when it started again! Well, I used to be a drama addict back in the early 2000’s, then I suddenly stopped because of the reasons I can’t really remember. But if I’m not mistaken, I started watched drama by the end of 2015. I used to spend much time watching documentaries movies, then in between I watched so many speeches of Ted or TedEx in Youtube. Then, I suddenly had an urge to watch again “Full House”, an infamous hi jinx cohabitation drama starred by Rain and Song Hye-kyu. Well, who does not know this drama? Most of people in my age know about this drama… :). Then, I could not stop because I kept find new dramas to watch.

Then, last year…. I began to spend countless hours to watch countless drama: good and bad; completed and airing. Well, I did not have so much to do last year. Even when I did not have so much in my plate, I was too lazy to do something productive. I also abandoned my blog since August last year without a single post! Hahahaha. One thing I realise later, I may need to really slow down my life back then, took a moment being laid-back before the busy time comes. And, drama gave me a good excuses.

I’ve been through and experiencing a lot for being a drama sucker for a year. I did a drama marathon for the finished drama, and really could not stop because of its addictive phase. I had less sleep because of it, and woke up with bawling eyes either from lack of sleep or cried bucket of tears. Well, it’s very common for a drama sucker.

Being tired of marathoning finished drama, I started to watch airing ones. Following the airing drama could be very frustrated in one point: because you have to wait the week to come. And it sucks! My addiction to airing drama was up to the level of “severe.” I could say that because I have a valid example! I was traveling to Europe last summer when “W” was airing. I felt like, I could not wait till I went back to Indonesia because I was too curious with what’s going to happen to with Kang Chul, Writer Oh, Yeon-jo, and other characters in the drama; and what’s happening with the manwha world and the real world. Seriously, I could not really stop. The first thing I was trying to find in KL airport while waiting for board was wireless connection so that I could watch the newest episode online, even without sub title (RAW). It’s the same thing while I was in Europe. When it’s time for”W” to be airing, I rushed running back to the hotel to get wireless and watched “W”. Hahahaha… I really could not believe it! When it turned out that the second half of “W” went so messed, I was really MAD. Hahahahahahaha.

Well, watching RAW drama can’t be separated from a drama sucker. For some drama I really LIKE, I really do not mind to watch without sub title. If it’s the case, I usually watch RAW, with SUB after it’s released, and re-watch if really love it. This happens usually for the airing drama. To name it a few drama I watched RAW, such as “On the Way to the Aiport”, “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Ju”, “Dear My Friends,” and some others. It was very frustrated in the beginning, but now, I quite enjoy watching drama RAW. I began to catch a word or two. It’s a good way to start learning Korean, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I used to think that all drama are full of fairy love stories and eyes candies oppa, but the more I watch the drama, there are so many drama that resembles to real life. So that, it’s sometimes hard to watch (without jerking your tears or heavy heart). It’s usually “a real life” theme drama like “Dear My Friends”, “My Wife is Having an Affair”, or “Misaeng: Incomplete Life.” The drama were too good to be missed. There are some life-lessons from those drama. When I was feeling down, remembering Jang Geu Rae in “Misaeng” could lift mood and spirit. Everybody’s been Jang Geu-Rae in one time in life. The drama is so real, and it’s so good. But watching “Misaeng” also want to have  a boss like Chief Oh.

When I lost into drama land, all of sudden, I began to know by heart the actors and what drama they’ve been. I began to remember what drama is all about, the plot, whether it’s a suck one or not. Friends start to ask me what drama should be watched! And eventually, I brought some friend in the drama wagon with me. With another drama addict friend (she’s been a while being a drama sucker), we started to marathon, discuss, and share our thoughts on drama. It’s fun though!

But now, after being a drama sucker for more than a year, I can control better on what drama should be watched. I will finish only good drama that worth of my time. I won’t invest my time for sucks drama. Suck drama in my category could be a popular one, and most people watch. To be honest, those drama usually is usually overrated. More and more I invest into drama, underrated drama usually a good one! Seriously. Want some recommendation? Hit me then! 🙂

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