Airing or Completed?

When it comes to choose what drama we should watch, we always have an option, either to watch the “currently airing” ones, or the completed ones. There’s pro and con between these two.

When I just got back to dramaland, I opted to watch the completed ones because I did not catch up for drama for years! If you opt the completed ones, you seem to know with the stories, plot, and ending. And, to see if it’s worth your time because you’re gonna have sleepless nights. Once you started to watch the completed ones, most of the time you just can’t stop. You would stop when you’re hardly keeping your eyes awake. And the next morning, you’d feel like a crap because lacking of sleeps. If you haven’t finished watching it, deep in your heart, all you want to do is to finish it. If you’re at work, you just want the day to end soon. If you’re at a meeting, you’re not “there.” Yourself is at the drama you’re currently marathoning. This is bad! Hahahaha. You’re lacking of sleep, having eyes bags, and you’re not present. But a good friend prefers to have the complete ones. “I don’t have to wait a week long.” Well, that’s the good side of watching the completed ones.

Being tired of the effect of marathoning (I no longer can stand), I just decided to watch the airing ones. Sometimes, I still catch up with completed ones but I’ve been able to control myself now to only limit around 3 to 4 episodes. So, it can be days in finishing one title of drama. I keep update the new airing drama, so basically I’ll know what’s currently airing in Korea. Even before some drama start to air, I’ve already know. Some drama, I have high expectation, and tell myself if I’m gonna watch! Usually, the main reasons I’m going to watch a new drama is the casts, then the directors, and writers. But sometimes, I’m bought by the theme. But recently, some drama I had high expectation tended to be drama I’d drop even before it’s half-way to the final episodes. I remember how I was waiting Goblin and Legend of the Blue Sea. And, I dropped them even before episode 8. 🙂 :).

But, the downside from watching the currently airing one is you’re nervously next week to come too soon… Hahahaha. Because you’re curious what’s going to happen to the main characters and the rest of the story. Especially when the drama nearly ends, and it does not give you preview. This why most of my friend hates to watch airing drama. But the good side, I don’t have to marathon it and I can sleep well without having eyes bags and being edgy because lacking of sleeps.

To compare both types, I’d go for the currently airing ones! 🙂 It keeps me updated, hehehe.

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