A Minimalist Survivor – that I Want to Become

cluttered room in Saint Louis :D

cluttered room in Saint Louis 😀

Some nights ago, I suddenly had an urge to clean up. My bedroom has been cluttered for a while – with books, shoes, and other stuffs. And I did feel like, “I HAVE TO CLEAN IT UP, NOW!!!” It was already 9 in the evening.

While I was cleaning, I was also listening to Joshua Becker’s talk on TedEx about his journey becoming a minimalist – he and with his family actually. His journey was quite interesting – well, every minimalist has different but similar stories. But their struggles have been very different.

What I was going to say is… OK, I’ve been battling becoming one. I cleaned up unused clothes, shoes, books, and other things. All these things were given away or sold. But mostly are for give away. Since I started the journey over a year ago, I still find myself hardly struggling with this issue. So, OK… I still have several pairs of shoes. Not several, but many L. I’ve given away some, but I always had an excuse to get the new one. This is one of the examples. I gave away my Nike shoes and decided only to keep the Asics shoes. So, the Asics would be one and only pairs of my running shoes. I WAS OKAY with that. But then, the rainy season came, and my running shoes were wet and I really needed for doing a field work. There’s no other way for my running shoes to dry. I’d tried several ways to dry them. But no use. So, no other choice than getting the new pair of shoes.

Looking back, I’ve always cluttered with shoes. I’m not crazy about clothes, and very modest of it. I don’t really care either for it. But shoes???!!! I can rarely resist from it. I always have collection of shoes. I don’t know, but I love good shoes (I walk most of the time, so comfortable shoes are a must!!!). I give away shoes… I collect the new pairs.

Becoming a minimalist is not an easy one. Maybe, it’s easier for everybody else. For me, it’s always a struggling. I know, I may be that impulsive and that mindless. Seriously, I always felt ashamed to myself (and guilty) every time I grabbed a new stuff (I don’t do any shopping retail. I shop only when I need it). Right, I don’t really know all those stuff. And once again, I need to second to the minimalist, that having (too much stuffs you don’t need), would only consume your time and energy to clean them up.

Sometimes, out of the blue deep in my mind, I really want to clean all the mess, and pack all of my stuff to be fitted into one luggage. THAT ONE LUGGAGE!!! And I don’t need to worry about storing and cleaning them. I don’t have to wash the clothes in pile of laundry, or maybe spending too much time to iron them??!! When I have THAT ONE LUGGAGE, I would definitely have more time to do anything else. Ah, maybe travel the world. 😀

Ah, this battle has not over yet. But I’m very committed to it. I will survive. Maybe, all the minimalist should make a badge like “I’m Minimalist Survivor!!”

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