A Busier and Quieter World

I don’t see people chat with people around them these days. People are too busy to look down: to their electronic devices; like there’s nobody in front of them. I see this, a lot, almost every day: on my way to work, on my way home, at the restaurants, on the train, on the swimming pool, at the airport! These busy but quiet people are everywhere. I rarely hear people talk at angkot; at the waiting room. They’re too busy to talk to people miles away from them.

This is the trend I see happens in most my angkot commuting. Being at the angkot for me is kind of “giving me some solace space.” I don’t need do anything at the angkot. I only need to sit down and enjoy the one hour trip from home to work. Sometimes, it will make up to more than one hour; depends on the traffic. I love being at the angkot. I don’t need to drive. I don’t need to press the pedal or gear. I don’t need to honk people. I just sit quietly. My favorite thing to do at the angkot is relaxing and observing people around. Their faces. Their expressions. Their voices. Their habits. Anything I can observe (sounds so creepy, doesn’t it?) 😀 😀 :D.

Does selfie make us less sensitive to our surrounding?

Does selfie make us less sensitive to our surrounding?

This is my observation result: during peak hours (mornings and evenings) trip, there’s one common thing most people will do: get into the angkot, sit down, open their bags, get their phones, and will be busy with their phones. Their faces look so tense. Nervous. Full of grinning expression. I believe that these people have been busy all day, at work. They might have a rough day. All things they need is actually take a break and to relax, instead of playing with their gadgets and extending their working hours.

It’s very common in public places like restaurants with people are ordering delicious foods, sitting with their friends, busy with their gadget, and aren’t paying attention to their foods. It’s a day to day view. They’re scooping food to their mouth without even noticing and tasting them. I remember scolded a friend a little when we’re getting together and this friend was busy updating and checking Twiter account. Why would meeting up if we’re still busy with our virtual things? If it’s so, why should we meet? Why should waste our precious time if we’re just too busy looking down.


When I’m getting older, I appreciate more being with friends. Let me put this… The older we get, (maybe) the busier we get: works, family, and other things stumbled in life. When we get together with friends, we must allocate time to make the meeting happens. For me, I always love catching up with friends: never ending talks – even if we talk more about the past. It’s OK. It’s never a matter to me.

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