25 cents coffee

having a cup of coffee in Wyoming

So, this is what happened… I was running out of coffee, and I was too lazy to get it in my regular stores – either in Monopole where they sell single origin coffees, or in Malang. I love “Kawi Sari” coffee sold by Hotel Tugu in Malang. It’s a Javanese coffee. It tastes great, and it’s friendly with my stomach. But then, it’s been a while I didn’t go to Malang. Yep, I’d been in Malang two times, but didn’t have time to stop by. Yet, I was too lazy to go to West Surabaya even though I have so many schedules if I go to the West.

Yesterday morning, I stopped by at a general store, 30 meters from my house to get flour. I needed to make sujebi, and was running out of flour. Then, I saw a jar with coffee inside. I asked the owner, is that coffee? And she said, yes. I asked where’s the origin? She said, it’s just a coffee, and it’s from the market. That’s it. It’s quite cheap, around 25 cents for a half ounce. Yes, it’s not bad for trying. It’s not that expensive as well. Quite reasonable price with the coffee we don’t know about the origin. Market is the origin.. :). So, I tried it out. Soon made one cup at home. Enjoyed it with a fried fritter bananas. IT’S SOOOOO GOOOOODDD!!! So then I sent a text to a friend about the coffee, “Good for you. You don’t have to travel far away…”, LoL.

Oh well, it’s just a coffee, right? So, I just remember when I was traveling around in the US back in 2011, whenever we stopped by in a gas station, I always bought a cup of coffee. And would treat a better coffee when we’re around the town. And the best gas stop coffee was the one I had in Wyoming. It was snowing heavily in Wyoming. We were driving to Grand Teton. Then, we turned around half-way, the snow was too thick, the wind was too strong, and we were riding sedan. It was pretty dangerous to keep going. Then, we decided to went back to the city. I enjoyed a cup of coffee in a random gas station in the middle of the snowy roads.

We drove to Denver that day….

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